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About Xampp Server Software and Installation

Xampp is a software which helps you to run your PC like a web server. Using this software you can run Programming Language like PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, Etc.

Xampp is an open source software so everyone can use as per their wish.

This software is available for different OS ( Operating System's ) Like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Etc.

You can download the latest version of Xampp from the following link address:


After the installation, You have to start the Xampp server. You can start it by going to the Xampp Controle Panel. You can view the Controle Panel by looking to the right side of the Taskbar were date show's in your computer. There you can see the icon of Xampp.

Once you entered to the control panel.  Start both Apache and Mysql. Like the following image do.

[Image: xampp-control-panel.png]


Learn PHP Program to show "Hello World".

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