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Create Android App for Your Wordpress Blog Online for Free
Hello guys...

Do you have an Android App for your Wordpress blog? Is not, then continue reading this thread.

Do you know Java or Hybrid programming language? Is not, then continue reading.

do you know about Apmaker? Is not, then continue read.


Appmaker was one of the greatest online Android App site builder. They will help you to build own Android, IOS, Windows app online to those who don't know programming language and time to spend on app development.

Now you can create Android App and IOS app with their online site builder with various features. Such as Push Notification, Cool Blog List, Etc.

Try them now and share your experience here.

Create Own Wordpress Adroid and IOS Today.
Thank you, man . I created one from them. They are now running it in Beta version. Anyway, it is good. I also need to create Blogger app using their service. It is good.
I created android app for my blogger blog using their App Builder. It is better because, They are using API Key's in order to fetch details of our blog instead of using RSS Feed.

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