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Earn Money By Working on This Forum
Hello, guys.

We know there is nothing for free. Now I am declaring that. Those who work on this forum can earn money. The following things will make you earn money. So read it and do it for earn money from this forum.

Procedures to Earn Money:
  • Create threads that contain more than 100 words - Thread must provide the quality title and clearly described. Each quality thread will make you earn RS: 1.
  • You will get bonus money. If you get more views to the thread.
  • Copy and Paste not allowed in making of the thread. Any copied material found. You will not get money for the thread. Also, it may cause to suspend from this forum.
  • Each replay will make you earn bonus money. As per the quality of the replay.
  • You can also send us a good article to post on our blog. Blog article may worth about from RS: 10 to RS:50.

So leat's start earn money. If you have any kind of suggestions or doubts. Please let me know by replay to this thread.
What to read here?
(11-19-2016, 02:32 PM) Wrote: What to read here?

I don't understand ? What you mean by What to read?
You said we can earn money using this forum.But after heading "Producers to earn money" there's nothing producers.

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