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Ghost or Blogger is Better to Start a Blog
Hello, my friends.

We everyone know about Blogger blogging platform but not about Ghost Blogging platform. Ghost is one of the best blogging platform developed with Node.Js.

Ghost was developed especially for bloggers. I love it because it was so simple.

Please clarify your reason to love Ghost or the reason to love Blogger blogging platform.
In my case, I would like to say that Blogger is better because of the following reason.

  1. Lot's of templates available on the internet.
  2. Easy to develop a template.
  3. Lot's of widgets available.
  4. Lot's of tutorials available.
  5. Easy post editor and user-friendly design.
In the case of Ghost Blogging Platform,There is something better than Blogger.

  1. User-friendly Dashboard.
  2. Better Post Editor window.
  3. Fast loading because of Node.js

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