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How to Change The URL Path of the WordPress Site After Move to Another Host ?
Hello friend..

Recently I moved my wordpress site to another hosting because of the slow and down of the previous server. After move my site to another host, I need to check it weather the script working fine on the new server with the default IP address of the new server. For that, I need to change the URL address of the Wordpress backup script.

Please anyone help me... If there any solution.

It is very easy to change the URL path of the Wordpress site, All you want to do that copy the below code and paste it t "wp-config.php" File.


Replace the site address on the above code to the new address.
You cloud also change it by changing the url's in the database table "wp-functions".
Changing URL will not work if you use any CSS - HTML - PHP - Optimization plugins. I tried the way that says. It's worked after I un-installed the Optimization Plugin.

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