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How to Install Torrent in Ubuntu Using Command Line
Hello friend..

Is there any way to install Torrent downloading software using command line on Ubuntu?

If it is please share the tutorial here. It will help student like me to download movies and games from college without let the teachers know. They will thing that we are doing something on Shell programming.

Please help me.
You can install it easy by typing the following commands on your Ubuntu terminal...

First of all you need to update your Sudo command in Ubuntu. To do that type the following command.

sudo apt-get update

After typing the update command, You need to install the Rtorrent. For that type the following.

sudo apt-get install rtorrent

Now you can start download torrent file by typing the following command.

rtorrent url address of the torrent file

In the above code replace the "url address of the torrent file" with the torrent file which you want to download.

You are done..

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