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How to Make Your Wapka Wapsite Mobile Friendly

Hai guys, this post generally made up for Wapka wapsite builders. Many of your wapsite was look like mobile site but Google Search Engine doesn't consider your site as Mobile Friendly. Lot of Wapka mobile site builders told me to make a tutorial "How to make Wapka wapsite Mobile Friendly". Before starting the tutorial, I need to exp line something about the Mobile Friendly Design.

Why Mobile Making Site As Mobile Friendly?

That is because, Google changed their algorithm to a new one. When people search query from Mobile Phones, Google algorithm will filter search result by mobile friendly designs. The sites which was not friendly will lose their ranks on Google search engines.

How to Test Your Wapka Wapsite was Mobile Friendly or Not?
How to Make Wapka Wapsite Mobile Friendly?

You can simply do it by adding the code that given below to your Wapka header. You need to put the code given before closing the </head> tag.

<meta name=viewport content='width=700'>

Also you need to make changes to your div box and images using the media screen size css code.

@media screen and (min-width: 480px) {
   body {
       background-color: lightgreen;

In the above code, the 480px was the screen size. When people visit your site with the 480px screen size. The css inside the media screen css will load.

So add the css style which you want to load when the screen size comes to 480px.

I hope you well enjoyed this script.. If you have any doubts. You can ask me.

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