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How to Remove Templateism Credit Link From Blogger Template
Hello guys..

Today through this article I am going to help you to remove "Templateism" Blogger template credit link. The actual problem in this templates are, If we remove the credit link from the template. Then the template will start to redirect to the official site of "Templateism". This can be easily avoided by the given method below.


The credit link can be easy removed by CSS code called "Hide" and "None". I will show you an example below.

<a href="copyrightedsiteaddress">Templateism</a>

The above code showing a link to the official site.If you remove the code from the template, Then the template will start redirect the users to the template owner site.

Now we need to add a css style inside the link code. Then see the magic.

<a style="display:none;" href="copyrightedsiteaddress">Templateism</a>

The style="display:none;" code will make the URL hidden in the blogger template. Also it will not redirect your users. You can use the same CSS code to display DIV block SPAN, Etc.

I hope you enjoyed this article..

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