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How to Stop People Copying Your Wapka Wapsite Text Content
Hello guys..

Many webmasters were doing the trick that I am going to post here on their site to stop people copying their site text content.

The trick was very simple. They are just adding a javascript on their site to disable the browser right click option.

By disabling the right click option people can't copy the text content or select text content of your wapka wapsite.


Add the below code to the header of your Wapka Wapsite.

   <script language="javascript">
   status="Right Click Disabled";
   function disableclick(event)
        return false;    


   <body oncontextmenu="return false">

I hope you like the trick. If you like the trick. Please like my thread..
It will also prevent the visitor from viewing the source code. But this trick works only for normal users. Those who know the real background can anything from the site.

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