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Is There Any Good PHP Forum Scripts Like Discourse Forum
Hello or any one who can help me.

I want to create a light weight forum Like Discourse. The only one problem that cause me now was, the script of discourse was not developed with PHP.

My server was PHP, Linux CPanel version. So I can't run programs like Ruby, Python, Etc on my server. In-order to run that. I have to buy a Dedicated or Cloud-based server.

So I need a PHP Script that run's same like Discourse.

I got few forums script from the online but nothing was like it.

If anyone of you know.. Please share it on this thread for me. Please.
Do you know about CodoForum. It one of the good forum that actually looks like Discourse Forum. It also have some functions that D forum too.

The main advantage was, It developed using PHP. So you can run it on your C-Panel PHP Server.

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