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Wapka Content Management File-list Code for Music
Hai Everyone.

Today I am going to post a code which will help you to show Music file in good view list. If you are thinking to create a site for music and songs downloading, then this code will help you to create a better listing.


 :li#st-mu#sic: cid=15825, l=20, o=tu, s=1 ::<div class="rmenu"><img src="%thumburl%"/><br/><a href="%viewurl%"><b> %title%</b></a><br/>Desc:%description%<br/>[%filesize% ][%downtotal%]</div>:: :/list-music: <div align="left" class="filelist_paging">:pa#gin#g:n=1,u=site_4.%ext%?get-n=%n%&get-o=tu ::<b>PAGES : %n%.%n%.%n%.%n%.%n%...%nlast%</b> :/p#agi#ng:</div> <div align="left" class="filelist_paging"><form method="get" action="site_4.xhtml"><input type="text" name="get-n" size="3" value="1"/><input type="submit" value="Jump"/></form></div>    

Change the ID to your Wapka ID.

I hope you like the thread..

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