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Wordpress Custom Post Type Pagination 404 Page Error Problem Solved

Hello guys, After a long time, I am writing My next blog post which is related to WordPress. Now a day, I am working with  WordPress theme, and I worked out some themes. Actually, the development is too easy than Blogger Template Development. One of My friends helped Me to learn Wordpress. While creating Custom Post Type Listing with Page Template, We faced a 404 Page Error. We searched the Internet a lot about the problem. In the normal blog post, I can access the page/2 and page/3 directly via the address bar but I can't access those page in the Custom Post Type Listing page. After a long research about the problem, We finally found the solution.

How to Solve The Page 2 Not Working Problem in WordPress Custom Post Type:

The problem happen to Me was, I created both Custom Post Type Name and Custom Post Type Page Template Name as the same. In WordPress it is not possible to create both name as same. So the solution is, change any of the Custom Post Type Template Page Name or Custom Post Type Name.

I hope the solution worked out for you.

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